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A break away in the sun to get away from it all was all that Luke Powell wished for. He decided that he wanted to go on his own little adventure, this time without his friends and family. Things did not turn out as smoothly as he could have wished for. Everything started to change as soon as he met the attractive Sarah Fowler. Those close to Luke tried everything to change his out look on life. Risk a little more and live a little more was the general idea, but would this suit Luke? Would this quiet man, who preferred the single quiet lifestyle face up to life in the fast lane? Luke is forced to find out when he gets caught up in the wrong place, at the wrong time and with the wrong people. Follow Luke on his adventure of romance, murder, mystery, and deceit in Identified.

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Beryl and Tom Benson for many years enjoyed being part of the peaceful community within Trensville.
A fatal accident in the village not only changed the lives of the victims, but affected the local residents. An unpleasant past has come back to haunt Tom.
He was left to face a fight of the past to protect the future of Trensville. A journey of love, romance, commitment, friendship, hatred, murder, suspense and revenge changes Trensville…..forever.

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Jimmy Rowland’s cries for help have been ignored by his family for too long. He hit an all-time low falling into a depressed state of mind. Because of this, he turned to drink bringing out anger and violent tempers. In the end, Ebony, could take no more and a divorce was settled. An incident at the beach with their children Jessica and Bill in Ebony’s care made Jimmy more determined to win the hearts of those who meant everything to him. Could Jimmy get the support to win back the trust of those around him? Would his ideas of making this happen work in his favour, or would they only distance his family even further away from him? Revenged shares emotion, love and sex. It also brings hatred, murder and or course revenge.

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They say that moving home is one of the most stressful things in life. In this short story, David Felix thought so. Making arrangements to get away from his previous neighbourhood made this all worthwhile. As he was emptying the contents of his boxes, David came across this unusual object. It had been left behind in the back of this cupboard in his new apartment. Little did David know at the time, this object held a great deal of history behind it. This was about to send him on one unforgettable chilling adventure. A fantasy adventure takes the reader through David’s journey. This was one journey that he will never forget.
The choices are simple at Flittern…Do you take the stairs or do you take the lift.

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Since the passing of her father Tony, Maggie found growing up very difficult. Her mother Brenda never really came to terms with his untimely death and distanced herself and Maggie away from their family. With the fair coming to town, Brenda was able to earn some much needed money. This also provided Maggie with an unexpected opportunity, an opportunity that would completely change Maggie’s life. As Brenda worked, Maggie would walk around and she soon realised that the good people of the fair had more in common with Maggie than she first realised.
Follow Maggie on her difficult journey as this leads Maggie into new hope, love, friendship and along the way some very tough decisions.

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Jake Walker’s inspiration in life was his Grandfather Bert. There was always a special connection between the two. This became even stronger when Grandad Bert was forced to stay at the family home due to poor health. Bert was the one who really believed in Jake, where others failed to see any potential. Could Jake find the confidence to start believing in himself and convince others to start believing in him? Would Grandad Bert’s words of encouragement give Jake enough confidence and determination to look out for his family… In the same way that Bert did for them in years gone by? It only needs a little advice that could make all the difference to somebody else’s life. Could Jake make this work for him?
A story about love and heartbreak, along with a few simple words that can be enough to completely change somebody’s life ….…. forever.

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The past few years was the same old routine going home to his strained relationship with his difficult partner Gail. It didn’t help when Grant came home early to find her entertaining somebody else. Grant Baker had one of those bad days where everything around him appeared to fall apart. Would Grant find a way of building up his reputation and would those who have been close to him stand by and support him on his adventure? A story about love, deceit, emotion, romance.
Sometimes there is no turning back. Sometimes things can go wrong for the right reasons…will this be the case with Grant Baker.
Follow Grant on his adventure in Losers Weepers.

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Jason Turner was happy with his life. He had good friends and a beautiful girlfriend, Alessandra. It was love at first sight and being still at school; nobody took their desire that they had for each other seriously. The only problem that Jason had was Alessandra’s controlling father, Ezio. He would never give Jason the time of day. One-day Ezio decided that the school, Alessandra’s friends, and Jason were too much of a distraction, especially as she was coming up to the most critical years at the school. Ezio’s idea to deal with this distraction was to create another for Alessandra. Everything that she had built up over the years and where she was happy was taken away from her in one go. Her mother Rose would just accept Ezio’s ways as she has never had the nerve to stand up to her husband. The latest plan from the controlling Ezio devastated Alessandra and Jason as this was sure to come between them. Alessandra was determined to succeed to build up her own life and try to get back as much of the happiness that she could. As time moves on, so do others with their lives. Would Ezio get his way and build a large enough gap between Alessandra and Jason? It was a dangerous game when trying to gain control…he could so easily be losing the love of his daughter. Will Ezio see through his ways before it is too late? Will Alessandra build enough courage to finally stand up to her father for the sake of her happiness and Rose? Follow Alessandra and Jason’s journey of love, passion, heartbreak, frustration and one very controlling father.

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There was a close community in the small Norfolk village called Fensgate. It was small enough for everybody to know everybody else’s business. Simon Taylor who ran the local Mart with his wife Elaine knew them all as one by one they would trickle into the mart buying their daily goods. At the same time, they would share the talk of the village. This was the only time when the community worked together as one. The people of Fensgate never had anything to do with the neighbouring community of Thornstead. They always did think that they could outclass one another. This was the normal life, a life that they all got used to. One-night Simon was out walking his dog when he had a concern about a storm that was threatening over Fensgate. The River Phoenix that ran through Fensgate was becoming wild as the wind was picking up and the level was as high as he had ever seen it before. As the time went on, the more concern he was and tried to relate this to the residence. Their main concern was the local fishermen who decided to go out that very night and was already hours into their work. Would Sid, William, Freddie, and Will survive this unexpected turn of weather out at sea? This was the 1950’s; communication was not enough to give out the luxuries of weather warnings. During the height of the storm, any radio contact would fail. As the storm was becoming more and more threatening over Fensgate, Simon needed the community to pull together, and he had to take responsibility. Could Simons fears end up being a false alarm, most of the residents expected it to be just that. Did Simon Taylor have enough to convince the people of the two communities to do something that has never happened – Work as one? Follow Simon in his battle to convince the locals of Fensgate that this was not going to be like any other storm in this short story – Storm Front.

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Harry Lucas had a rough youth as he became a victim of bullying, this was led mainly by Andrew Robinson. Harry would fear and dread every day of which resulted in tension within the family.
Since this time Harry moved on with his life but could never forget what happened all those years ago. He would cause problems for his parents in his attempt to do anything but have faced the prospect of seeing Andrew Robinson.
It caused tense times within the Lucas household and never had the chance to put things right for them.
After a visit to the craft fair, there was an announcement that made these feelings of anger return to Harry. The whole bullying thing was never forgotten, only this time they were older, but not so wiser.
Could this be Harry’s chance of bringing it all back for Andrew and will he get to learn how much pain he caused Harry and his family back then? Harry’s sister Isobel just wanted Harry to move on as that time had gone.
Harry could not agree as he will never get those days back.
Can Harry find a way of dealing with this problem that had been eating him for years now? Was Isobel right about moving on or would Harry’s determination eventually drag Isobel into this, just like he did with his parents all those years ago?
Find out and see what happens when Harry had to live with this for years, it was something that he could “Never Forget.”

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