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Diary – current events.

March 2021


 A warm welcome to my March diary – So the time is moving on and March already – It didn’t seem that long ago I was putting together my Christmas message – In England, the vaccine is out there, and many people have at least the first of two injections. It is a significant way forward, and I hope it will not be too long before every country can follow.

Let’s all hope that the latest news leads to a brighter and much better now that we are into the New Year. My writing has started to pick up again as I have taken a step back due to other medical reasons and heavy workloads. It prevents me from sitting down for long periods, and it is something that I have missed a great deal.

 I am back working on my latest short story and have another to follow more or less straight away.  Just like everyone, things have been very different since the second lockdown in England. It is all about keeping yourself occupied and leaning on those who also need it and have been there. 

It is a mood-changing thing, and frustrations build; I ask you to keep on the level and be nice and be there for others. Although frustrations are out there, remember who wants to be there and who has been there for you. Some easily forget what some do for others in such a quick time; some friends discussed this with me and gave permission to mention it, but no names clearly out of respect.

These times are hard, but taking this out on those who want to be there can be very hurtful. A couple of my friends out there have shown support by talking to me over the pandemic. It would help if you had people around you. We all need people around us as much as the next person – they have feelings too.

So, all I ask, remember the loyal and decent friends around who want to be there and be respectful and kind, especially if their intentions are good.

Why did I mention this on here? Good question; this pandemic is hitting people sadly a lot more than most of us. Every day I think about those who have lost loved ones and suffered a painful year. 

There is a bigger picture out there, and mental health has come into play. This pandemic will not last as long as a good friendship can. There is a positive step forward out there. Whatever people go through, it is life’s common saying; there is always somebody out there worse off – this is true, there is still somebody better off too, try and be that better person and remember- others have feelings too. I read this book; for those who are not into self-help books, this is different. Some are powerful and full of ways of making your life better in great detail. I have read a few and understand why adding so much content was added, as these books can get very deep. I also find that after reading each one, there is a part of me that feels that a change suggested would improve my usual ways of life. 

A lot of it is controlling the mind. My good sister recommended a book for me by Sharry Cramond; it is called “Win Your Lottery.”

It is a very much cut down version of a self-help book about conducting yourself around others, how we think and how we react. The difference is that this book is straight to the point with ten simple steps on how the mindset can change to a more positive one. It is a quick read, with large fonts and not many pages – but the message is strong, and I was pleased that I took the time to read it.

These are helpful for times like this when people have time to sit around and overthink. It will also be a good direction once things start getting back to normal again.

Just like Sharry, this book was recommended to me, and the feedback was good. Not only by my sister but also on Amazon. I have also received verbal reviews and support in the same manner, and thank you all for being there. It takes very little time to appreciate and, as I say, be nice to others. The effect that it has on those on the other side of this goes a long way. These things never get forgotten.

Something that I always mention every month as it means a great deal to me and helps me. Like any other author, any reviews are appreciated; these details will be added to this website (under reviews). Your feedback is so valuable to me. I will always add these to my monthly news update – Please remember that you can do this by leaving me a message on here or via my Twitter and Goodreads pages.

  Any contact from my readers will always be welcomed and answered. I am also looking for reviews on Amazon; I would be grateful if you could spare a couple of minutes to do this for me. As usual, the support as ever has been excellent – thank you so much, you guys.  Some of you will know, where possible, I generally do a great deal of re-tweeting to support fellow authors. If you would like a mention at any point, please forward your requests through this website on the contact menu. Other than that, you can follow me and leave me a message. 

 As always, I would like to thank my friends and followers.

 I mentioned before about my Daughter’s YouTube Channel. All the videos on my channel and my daughters are edited and created by my Daughter. We are “still” working on updating the page and adding new material at some point. 

Thank you for the feedback and kind messages through this website concerning my Daughter’s channel – they have been excellent. We both thank those who took the time out to comment. Your support is always appreciated. I want to add again that my Daughter has now expanded her talents onto TIK TOK. If you’re also connected to this page – please link onto the following and enjoy


  If you’re on YouTube, please also take a look and subscribe to –

Random Edits    Thank you. 

Thank you all again for all the support that you have given me. I want to give a special mention to those who have been there since day one and remain loyal to the good things I try and do. 

I would like to give a special mention to Ayee  for the wonderful support in my writing and day to day issues. You’re one very special lady (x)  and  welcome to the team and joining us on this wonderful journey.

All support, along with those who had stuck by me and gave me the support when I needed it the most still do to this very day – you know who you are…I will never forget it.

I wish you all – Good Luck, Good Health and Good Fortune.
Please stay safe and let’s all beat this virus together.
Once again… thank you for your incredible support.

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