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Now available as an e-book and in paperback.



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Now available as an e-book and in paperback.



Now available as an e-book and in paperback.



Now available as an e-book and in paperback.




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Now available as an e-book and in paperback


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Now available as an e-book and in paperback




Diary – current events.

May 2021 (updated)


  A warm welcome to my May diary –In England, the number of Covid cases has fallen, those who are getting the vaccine are increasing, and things are opening up again. The clocks made that hours difference, so we are now seeing lighter evenings….and oh yes…I have been able to put so much time back into my writing.

  As shown above, my new short story – The Expedition’ is now available from your Amazon on both the e-book and paperback format. 



  The Expedition is again something very different to what I have attempted before in my previous publications. I want to take this opportunity to thank again the new member of the team, Ayee, for proofreading my new title and the amount of work being spent on this. The support and dedication to my writing have been amazing. A special thank you for creating some exciting and positive things to look forward to in the future. When I say the future, more will be revealed a little later in this newsletter.

  Something that I always mention every month as it means a great deal to me and helps me. Like any other author, any reviews are appreciated; these details will be added to this website (under reviews). Your feedback is so valuable to me. I will always add these to my monthly news update – Please remember that you can do this by leaving me a message on here or via my Twitter and Goodreads pages. Any contact from my readers will always be welcomed and answered. I am also looking for reviews on Amazon.

   I would be so grateful if you could spare a couple of minutes to do this for me. As usual, the support as ever has been excellent – thank you so much, you guys. Some of you will know, where possible, I generally do a great deal of re-tweeting to support fellow authors. If you would like a mention at any point, please forward your requests through this website on the contact menu. Other than that, you can follow me and leave me a message. 

   I am currently writing another novel, and yes, this is another angle from what I have attempted before. A few years ago, I attempted to write a book about this fantasy place with not your everyday characters that live a life that would be so different to the real world as we knew it before Covid. Sorry had to add that part. After writing the Expedition, I realised that the only angles I have not covered to date would be children’s books and a fantasy book.

  There was no time like the present to give the fantasy story another go, and I am pleased to say that this is flowing very well. Just like my novel “Revenged”, I wanted to see if I could throw as many scenarios into this story that I possibly could. Each step the characters take adds more inspiration for new ideas. I have discussed the characters and location ideas with a few who are close to me. The feedback and responses have been fantastic. Ayee is helping me a great deal on this, and I am hoping that this book will also include extras.

  The idea at present is to add pictures, drawings, introducing the world to a new superhero, and so much more. As I say, this is flowing very well, so watch this space. There is a plan to publish two new short stores before this fantasy book is released…so again, watch this space. All updates will be added right here every month. Last month, I did mention that the nearest that I have created to a fantasy story was “The Lift”. The more I am adding, the more it looks very different and needs so much more planning. I want to attract and turn the heads of readers of all ages. The inspiration behind this story was the picture that will make the cover. It was only noticed after the finished article was printed. I will add this to the diary nearer to the time of publication.  

  As always, I would like to thank my friends and followers. A reminder of my Daughter’s YouTube Channel. All the videos on my channel and my daughters are edited and created by my Daughter. We are “still” working on a project of making a video on each book published. So far, we have The Lift, Never Forget and Ernie. They can be viewed on the YouTube page on this website. We are also still looking to update this website by adding new material at some point. There is no actual timescale for this, but exciting times ahead.

  Thank you so much again for the feedback and kind messages through this website concerning my Daughter’s channel – they have been excellent. We both thank those who took the time out to comment. Your support is always appreciated. I want to add again that my Daughter has now expanded her talents onto TIK TOK. If you’re also connected to this page – please link onto the following and enjoy: –


 If you’re on YouTube, please also, take a look and subscribe to –

Random Edits    Thank you. 

 A massive ‘Thank you to all of you again. All of you who have been there since day one and remained loyal to this very day. Especially those who can see the good things that I try to do.  All support, along with those who had stuck by me and gave me the support when I needed it the most and still do to this very day – you know who you are…I will never forget it.

 I wish you all – Good Luck, Good Health and Good Fortune.

 Please stay safe, and let’s all beat this virus together.

 Once again… thank you for your incredible support.

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