Recommended reads

 Whispers in Corridors – Claire Mansfield

This is a brilliant book and have recommended this to others who shared this view. It was pleasing to see that this title is now available on paperback as well as E-book format.  During my time reading this, when things turned out the way that I didn’t expect them too, I had to keep reading to see what was going to happen. It made me curse, dislike,  enjoy, love and question the characters decisions. A brilliant well written book from a brilliant Author. After reviews, this title has been given the full five stars that it deserves.

Whispers in Corridors

A Girl on the train – Paula Hawkins

I really enjoyed this book, it is a gripping story and one that will get you hooked from the first page. It is one of those that you can’t put down. The book is like a diary form and very well put together. A book full of twists, I certainly got it all wrong….Brilliant.

On Writing – Stephen King

Certainly one for the writers out there who find it difficult to get to where they want to be. The book explains the difficulties that S.K had at the beginning. It provides good ideas and gives us writers that hope and determination to keep knocking on that door. If you really want it, you have to work for it. An excellent read.

The Maggie O’Dell series – Alex Kava

This review is for a collection of books all in one go. All of this collection of books follow on from the last. It is a fantastic series and very gripping.

Maggie is an FBI agent who becomes mixed with some terrible crimes and some come back and affect her personally and her private life. The creation of Maggie O’Dell was a masterstroke from Alex Kava who certainly does her homework before setting out to right. She will get inside help and assistance from the crime labs so the attention to details is perfect. The whole series is brilliant read. Maggie O’Dell is now also appearing in the new collection “Creed” also by Alex Kava. Most of the crimes that Maggie went through on the previous books come back as reminder in this new series. A great Author and some brilliant books.

Shattered Hearts – Claire Mansfield

Another superb book from Claire Mansfield. Again the author brings the characters to life. You sit there reading this feeling each decision that the character makes. I for one was thinking in my head…no…no…no. I was gripped to this book. A great story line and very well balanced and put over to the reader.  The way that it was put together was not only gripping, but exciting and quite surprising too.  There is a brilliant twist at the end…I certainly didn’t see that coming…Superb.

Shattered Hearts

 Night in the Lonesome October – Richard Laymon

I really enjoy the style of writing from the late Richard Laymon. He will always keep the reader glued to the story, particularly this title. I rate most of his titles highly, but like most, this particular book stands out. I really enjoyed this one. Love works in mysterious ways and well worth the read. I often think what Richard Laymon could produce todays, it is a sad miss in the Author world, but his books will always live on.

Misery – Stephen King

Many will already know about this title. Still today, this is still as popular as it was back in the day when this was first released. A brilliant story and for once a good movie was made from this. I really like the character Paul Sheldon in this and found myself edging him forward to get where he needed to go (Being careful about spoiler’s…just in case) This is a brilliant book and the on going battle with Annie Wilkes is simply superb.