*****Stars – Amazon     Brilliant By Anonymous on 30 Jan. 2017 Verified Purchase

A lovely story, that holds happiness and sadness alike. Maggie was led on a journey that took us, the reader, on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I will certainly read more of Mark’s books. The story was well put together leading to an ending I didn’t foresee.

*****Stars – Amazon   loved the theme of the fair family By zena on 31 Jan. 2017

A thoroughly enjoyable read. I loved the theme of the fair family. Characters were identifiable and individual. spanning a life time of good and bad periods in a young girls life with a twist in the tail I really wasn’t expecting. (I love it when I think I know how its going to end and it catches me out !) would definitely recommend as I enjoyed the unusual setting and look forward to my next Mark D Radford read….which one shall I try next I wonder!!!

***** stars -Amazon – 5 Stars! A Wonderful Read! on 17 September 2017 –

Published on

MAGGIE is a touching novel, both sad and sweet, of a young girl’s growth into adulthood. The story is told with much understanding of Maggie’s relationship with her alcoholic, depressed mother. With the help of relatives, Maggie overcomes her childhood of abuse to become a confident, caring, and determined young woman. I felt I was right there with her, experiencing her many joys and sorrows. Realistic characters and real-world situations added to my enjoyment. MAGGIE is not to be missed!

Goodreads *****

Firstly I have to apologise to the author for not reviewing this book before, I rated it then completely forgot to put up a review.
I loved this book, Maggie is such a lovely insightful character. I loved the way the author followed her life from a young girl to a woman.
I cannot wait for the next book by Mark D Radford.

You Tube *****

I have just read Maggie and couldn’t put it down. Such a beautiful story where the characters truly came alive for me and drew me in…this  is an absolutely must be read!

It was amazing
A very different style to this book from previous books. Was enjoyable all the same. Mark has done well in readapting his writing. All in all a good read with some twists at the end.
Website – Vera – Torbay
***** Stars and more.
I love a story that draws you in and one that you can’t put down because you need to know where the next page takes the story. I was gripped for sure and in a strange kind of way, felt the feelings that Maggie would have been feeling behind the challenges that she had to face. She never let her guard down and the strength and determination was her reward, a lesson for all of us. This book doesn’t only come with terrific storyline, it grabs your attention emotionally and so do the characters. This is a different way of presentation and the way that the story is written compared to what I am used to. I do feel comfortable with this and had gone through a couple of books by this author. Behind everyone is a strong message that makes you take a step back and think. Not enough stars for this book. I did attempt to put this on Amazon, but for no reasons provided, they decided not to show the world. The world needs to know about this book, this author and there should be no hiding places. I sent this directly to the website and was hoping that you had the chance to see this…now get this book, It comes highly recommended.


Top Customer Reviews *****Stars Amazon         Fantastic By Anonymous on 1 May 2016 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Wow. Words fail me. Excellent plot, excellent characters and excellent writing. I have only ever read a handful of books twice and Identified has just been added to that select list. Recommend highly.

 Top Customer Reviews **** Stars Amazon        New Author

on 6 October 2017 Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
New author for me. I really enjoyed this book. He brings the characters to life. The story line was very good. Couldn’t wait to see what happened in the end pages

Goodreads ******Stars

I loved this book, it is my favourite by Mark Radford. The book held my attention until the end. I couldn’t put it down. The characters were fantastic.

 Top Customer Reviews ***** Stars Amazon

on 14 April 2018
I’m halfway through the book and it’s a real treat. Many doors to it keeps you mystified. Well worth reading. Highly recommended.
Top Customer Reviews ***** Stars Amazon
on 1 May 2018
This book is absolutely brilliant could not put it down i not a big reader but this book makes me want to read more and more of this authors books absolutely loved it
Top Customer Reviews ***** Stars Amazon
PAUL GREENreviewed a product · ‎25‎ ‎Feb‎ ‎2019

25 February 2019

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

Distant Cries

Top Customer Reviews *****Stars   Amazon   Fantastic Read By Anonymous on 23 Jan. 2016 Format: Kindle Edition

Oh my goodness what an amazing read! I couldn’t put this book down and ignored my family for two days so I could get it finished. The author can certainly set a scene and had me on the edge of my seat through most of it and shouting at the author for the rest of it. My heart pounded, in a good way, during the final pages of this book. Highly recommend. I can’t wait to read more by Mark Radford.

*****Stars – Goodreads

Wow. The author certainly knows how to set a scene. This book had my heart pounding so many times. Loved this book. Highly recommend.
merryl thorn –3.0 out of 5 starsClocks and ashes ***Stars – Amazon

23 January 2018 Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase


*****Stars – Amazon     Excellent read. By Anonymous on 15 Mar. 2016 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I really enjoyed this book it is well written. Plus it is not what you first think. It had me guessing right to the end. Highly recommend.

*****Stars – Goodreads

This is a well written book that keeps the reader guessing until the end. I spent a lot of my time shouting at the pages hoping the main character got what he deserved. Loved the book highly recommended.

*****Stars – Goodreads

Absolutely incredible. Twists and turns all over. Well thought out and written.


Website – Rick – Dagenham. I see people rate books so will go for the tops stars on this.

Great book and very clever to put so much into one story. It has a bit of everything in love, romantic parts that get close to the mark. You have fight scenes and I was almost seeing it right in front of my eyes, it was so well illustrated. The thing that made me write this on the website (I never usually do reviews) was that the author added problems that people face on a day to day basis. The problems that people suffer when they wake up every morning and the battle that they have to face ahead of them. The way this story presents itself makes you think what they go through everyday. Good valid points brings it home. How somebody can write and make the reader feel sorry for the baddie is beyond me, but this is what happened here. Great twists, I may read more books from this author if they’re anything like this. As I say , don’t normally do reviews, but this one deserved it.


The story is about a man whose life was ultimately changed by something that was passed on to him when he was still in his teens. In this book, I was taken for a journey as this young man navigated his world having this little secret with him by his side. The story was told in a way that it made me feel like I knew the character intimately. I found myself immersed in his home life where he dealt with challenges and how he has triumphed over them. I also enjoyed witnessing the character’s every milestone and I couldn’t help but cheer him on every time. All of the characters were painted in very real-life setting which made them feel relatable. And because of it, I felt like I was a part of their family and that every moment they had – whether happy or not, I was also there experiencing these moments with them.

I cannot share too much about the story as I’d rather you read the book to find out. But in all of this, you will feel the great love the character has for his family, and also how he applied the greatest lesson that was taught to him when he was younger – and how this shaped him as the man he came to be. It’s a story about faith, transformation and trust.

It’s a perfect book to keep you company at anytime. It surely has kept me entertained and emotionally moved at the same time. After reading it, my heart was filled warmth. Also, it filled me up with a little poignancy and a sprinkle of hopefulness. It is definitely highly recommended.


Sherimyn rated it –  It was amazing *****Stars – May 30, 2021Sherimyn 

Touched definitely lived up to its name as the novel really did touch my heart in so many ways. The story is about a man whose life was ultimately transformed because of a special gift that was passed on to him by his grandfather when he was still a teenager. I witnessed how Jake navigated his life carrying this secret with him as he grew up to be an adult. I found the story very engaging as it was written in a way that made me feel like the character was someone I knew intimately. The legacy that Jake’s grandfather left behind reflected in every decision he made in his life, and how he was able to confidently overcome every challenge and celebrate the milestones he reached. It was like he could feel his grandpa’s wise and loving guidance through this special gift.

In all of this, I feel the story is truly about Jake’s immense love for his family – how every decision he made was always for their benefit. I also recognized that the valuable learning instilled in him when he was a boy he was able to put to good use as he grew up – and it has molded him to be the person that he has become. The soul of the story centers on transformation, faith and trust.

After reading this book, my heart was brimming with warmth. It has entertained me and emotionally moved me as well. I’m sure many will love this book as the story is heartwarming and it can really fill up the heart. It is definitely a story that is worth your while.

*****Stars – Amazon  WOW By Anonymous on 8 Jun. 2017

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This book is Mark’s best yet. So touching in every way. The message he is trying to convey shines through loud and clear. The book touched my heart and will live on within me for a very long time. I highly recommend this book to everyone. The characters within the pages are amazing, but Jake is my favourite and I will always remember him. I don’t like to read books on a device, but this one I read in four days and couldn’t out it down.
***** Five Stars – Amazon – Great story By Paul Green on 6 June 2019
I agree with the previous reveiw, this is Marks best work so far.
You grow to love the characters as the story unfolds and you become interested in their lives. There are quite a few ups and downs to keep you hooked until the end.
If you are wondering whether to take a chance on this book, I recommend that you do, I’m glad that I did.

*****Stars – Goodreads

There aren’t enough stars to give to this book. Love love loved it. I finished reading it two weeks ago and still can’t stop thinking about it. Jake I totally fell in love with as a little boy then continued to love him as he became a man. Such an emotive read, sending all my emotions into overdrive. I highly recommend this book. It will live on inside of me for a very long time. Brilliant.



xxxxx/xxxxx rated it ***** Five Stars
It was amazing
I finally got to finish this book. So glad I did. It really is a book about life and how not to jump to conclusions and take a step back instead. So well written and a great understanding of how life should and could be. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Losers Weepers


*****Stars – Goodreads

I have read all the books Mark has wrote so far and would recommend all seven of them . The lift I was not to sure of,but that is my own opinion ,but I would recommend anybody else to read it as what does not suit me others might enjoy, you can’t please everyone all of the time. All the others Identified, Distant Cries, Revenged, Maggie, Touched, and His latest Losers Weepers. I would highly recommend. I cant wait for him to finish his next book so I can read it. I only wish a publisher would get in touch with him, because if anyone deserves it he certainly does. My personal favourites I can’t name one they are all great.

*****Stars – Goodreads

Amazing book.
The author certainly knows how to keep you guessing. I couldn’t put the book down and was desperate to know who had done what.
Fantastic writer.
Next please Sir.

on 11 October 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase        Brilliant
Another brilliant book by Mark Radford.
This was recommended to me and it didn’t disappoint. The characters are engaging made me feel sad and happy also I wanted to strangle them during the book too. Very well written. Highly recommend.
*****Stars – Goodreads 11thDecember 2018

Enjoyed this book lots. Kept guessing and it was a surprise ending. Thoroughly recommend this book. Author likes to keep you on your toes!

The Lift

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase  WOW! Simply WOW

This book is his best yet. The mind of the author is a place I wouldn’t like to be, very scary. Such an amazing story. Simply brilliant. I read the entire book in a day, I couldn’t put it down.
The lift and the adventures because of it are just out of this world. I am speechless.
Everyone must read this book.

*****Stars – Goodreads

This is the author’s best book yet. The way his mind works is quite frightening. Pure genius. I would love to know how he planned this book. simply brilliant. I hope his next book is like this one. I couldn’t put it down therefore, finished it in a day.
Excellent book

Feb 17, 2019  rated it ***** Five Stars
It was amazing
Absolute mix of reality and the bizarre. Mark has yet again produced a masterpiece. He just keeps on getting better and better 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 reviews

*****Stars By Amazon Customer on 17 October 2017 – Published on – Format: Kindle Edition  | Verified Purchase –  Perfect for Halloween!

“The Lift”, a short story, is an intriguing tale, perfectly spooky, and laced with horror. The description of the office that character David had to work in actually gave me goosebumps. Creepy! After reading “The Lift”, I’ll think twice before stepping into an elevator!

merryl thorn

*** – Stars – Amazon

23 January 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase



Sherimyn B – Amazon

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 May 2021

This is a story of young star-crossed lovers who were forced to separate by a domineering family member, thinking it was for their best interest. What experience and time have proven for the both of them was the saying that ‘true love waits’. When love is true, the number of years would not change anything for each one of them. When love is true, no other person can ever make them feel the way they did before. It was like they were waiting for that special feeling they had once…and until they find that feeling, they knew within their hearts they would never feel complete. Wonderfully, they did find it…with each other, after so many years…and their feelings for each other never left them.

This is also a story of a father who has failed to see that the decisions he made caused a lot of hurt feelings in the family. He had an eventual remarkable breakthrough that only showed that true love is not just for the romantic hearts, but also for the hearts of everyone in the family who is willing to let go of their pride and start listening to their loved ones openly with humility, acceptance and understanding.

This book will make you hope that they will one day find each other. You will root for Alessandra as she learns growth in her own way and fights for what she wants. You will feel moved when her father eventually saw the situation he created with utmost clarity…but most of all, your heart will be filled with warmth when you finally get to witness Jason and Alessandra’s happy ending. It’s a feel-good book and if you believe in true love, this book is absolutely perfect for you.

Sherimyn rated ***** – Goodreads
It was amazing

The story is about two young lovers whose love was challenged by separation, time and absence; but as true love goes, everything was worth the wait. Two teens were forced to break up as the girl’s father has decided the relationship was not for her best interest. Being apart though has changed nothing for the both of them as they moved forward in their lives. Through the years, deep inside they were feeling that something was missing and they knew there was only one person who could fill up their heart completely. Many years have passed but the feelings stayed on as strong as it was just like yesterday. And wonderfully, their waiting was not in vain.

The story also touches on the eventual breakthrough of a father whose decisions have caused a lot of hurt feelings within his home. This is one of the most tender moments of the story, because it shows that true love is not limited to romantic love…it encompasses all kinds of love.

As you read this book, you will find yourself rooting and hoping that one day they will find each other. You will root for Alessandra as she starts to learn to take steps towards her personal liberation and claiming her freedom. Your heart will melt when her father made a complete turnaround and was regretful of his past decisions. Most of all, warmth will fill up your heart as you witness the two lovers’ happy-ever-after. It’s a feel-good story that will make you believe in true love. And if you’re a romantic at heart, you will definitely enjoy this book.

Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars 5 Stars. An Excellent Story!

Reviewed in the United States on 30 June 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

6 February 2019

Another fabulous book from Mark. Different in style again. Not so many twists but keeps you thinking ,wishing and hoping it would turn out well.

Storm Front

19 February 2019

Verified Purchase


Website – David – London ****

Wow a story that has it all – if you want an unusual read, then this is for you. What can I say, a mixture of street gangs, bullies, spirits and not the kind you drink and a junk yard. How anybody could have the imagination to put all this together is beyond me…but this author did. If you’re after something very different, this is for you…wins over those that you can predict the outcome when you’re halfway through it. What better place to have a spirit hanging around than a Junk Yard, loved it.

Never Forget


24 February 2019

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase


Amazon – ***** –

No review – but a welcoming 5 starts – Thank you.


Website – Cheryl – Doncaster – A good old war story with a mixture of how people suffered and how some came out of it with a whole new life ahead of them. Ernie is gripping and worth staying with. There was a moment that I was going to go back to it as it seemed a little drawn out. How wrong was I, staying with it was the best way to read this. The drawn out part came together piercing the whole story together and what an emotional rollercoaster this story is. If you ever read a book knowing that you will go back to it again one day, then you know the book was good. I know that I have that in Ernie.

Short Story Collection 1




Amazon – ***** –

No review – but a welcoming 5 starts – Thank you.


The Stream

Available on E-Book from 16th July 2020

Website – Jay – Madrid *****

Loved the story, got me gripped and reminded me of one of those old horror stores with a haunted house. A really good plot, many things going on to keep the old mind ticking. Loved the twist, It surprised me, but that is why I love books like this. The only negative is that it should be a novel, too good for a short story…hoping for a part 2 maybe?


The Secret

Website – Trish – Bedford*****

A love story – lovers between two fighting families. A good strong message here, make things right before it’s too late. Loved the connection with the two coming together with two completely different backgrounds.  Enjoyable and something a little different.


The Expedition

Website – Shaun – London *****

I love a short story, a quick read and then onto the next. This didn’t look much when I received it. I felt cheated as the book looked thin and not a great deal to it. I thought that I would give it a go, the font is small but comfortable, this on its own makes the book longer than it looks. All is good at this point, no longer felt cheated…thank you Author person. This is a long short story if that makes sense and told myself off as I am normally the first to say that you can’t judge a book by the cover. This is exactly one of those, a good read and right up my street as I love a who dunnit. It was obvious to me who did it at the end, does that count? I guess it normally is though. A good story about bird watchers, good call and an ideal place to plot a mystery murder, out in the middle of nowhere. Thought at one point who it was, but then these authors tend to make you believe the obvious and then trick you. Not to be outdone this time, I decided to change my mind three times, but pleased that I got one of them right. A good book, great imagination behind it and I now know what to look for when I go into the woods and stay away.



This story will take the reader on an adventure in the woods for a bird watching expedition. In the beginning, you would be introduced to a number of interesting characters. Each character has their own distinct personality which sublimely added depth and dimension to the story line. It would not be surprising if you would find yourself compelled to one of the characters as you read on. As the story unfolds, their camaraderie and interaction among them would keep you on your toes as they got into the deeper side of the woods. Then when the new character is introduced, you would know that the plot is about to thicken, especially when he straight away riled the others up. And that, my friends, is where the heart of the mystery would begin. The second part of the story is where the investigation would kick off. This is where you have to keep your senses open and alert to find out the answer to the question hanging over everyone’s head: “Whodunit?” If each one of them carried a grudge over this one person, who could have been brave enough to cross the line? For a short story, this is essentially packed with adventure, intrigue, and mystery. It is definitely an interesting read. Also, who doesn’t want a twist in the end? When you get to that part…you could be grinning and saying, “I thought so.” or you could say, “It’s that person!?! Who’d have known?!?!” All in all, it’s definitely worth your time.
Sherimyn B

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 May 2021

This story will take the reader on an adventure in the woods for a bird watching expedition. In the beginning, you would be introduced to a number of interesting characters. Each character has their own distinct personality which sublimely added depth and dimension to the storyline.

As the story unfolds, their camaraderie and interaction among them would keep you on your toes as they got to the deeper side of the woods. Then the plot thickens as we’re introduced to a new character that would straight away rile the others up…and that, my friends, is where the heart of the mystery would begin.

The second part of the story is where the investigation would kick off. This is where you have to keep your senses alert to find out the answer to the question hanging over everyone’s head, “Whodunit?” If each one of them carried a grudge over this one person, who could have been brave enough to cross the line?

For a short story, this is essentially packed with adventure, intrigue, and mystery. It is definitely an interesting read as it keeps you guessing. And also, who wouldn’t want a twist? When you get to that part…you could be grinning and saying, “I thought so.” or you could say, “It’s that person!?! Who’d have known?!?!” All in all, this book is certainly worth my time.


You Tube

I have read every book to date and I thought that they were very good! My three favourites were Maggie, Touched and Identified. I recommend for people to read them